How to surf in Byron Bay

A beginner's guide:

Car: A Subaru, Commodore or a bomb
Computer: Mac
Localism: Never play the "I'm local" card - you shouldn't need to
Graffiti: Know who BK is
Fashion: Niche brands - avoid Quicky, Rip Curl and Billabong as much as possible
Quiver: Varied, with at least one longboard and one fish/quad/twinny
Legropes: Not if you can avoid them
Hair: Stylish, but nonchalant
Palette: Colour
The Pass: A passionate position - love OR hate OR love to hate
Warmth: A sleeveless vest
Kooks: Drop-ins, snaking, wave pigs. Otherwise depends
Surf Cameras: A conflicted, contradictory relationship to Coastalwatch
Pubs: Beachy, Rails, Suffo, none
History: An acquaintance (at least) with Bob McTavish, George Greenough, Rusty Miller, Geoff McCoy, Jim Banks or all of the above. Mex is a bonus.
Passion: A clear enthusiasm negotiated through a desire to appear chilled out
Skills: A well developed ability to manoeuvre your board through summer crowds
Style: Always
Must Haves: Stickers that allow unpaid parking


  1. Listen....That's the sound of you hitting the nail on the head...x

  2. Oliver10:12 AM

    Hehe... Good stuff :-)

  3. I totally rate this list. So well observed. I reckon it even has legs beyond 2481.


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