Before and After

The coastline I'm from recently got bombarded by a fairly significant storm that caused flooding, uprooted trees and washed away more sand than I've ever seen before! Insane.

I recently posted pictures that a friend took on the Gold Coast during the storm, but the ones I've posted here are from Suffolk Park after the weather had changed. I took a series of pictures of home a couple of months ago that I'll put next to the ones I took last week of the same beaches - it will give you some idea of the damage (and my beach wasn't even the worst hit!).

Nature, eh!


  1. Oliver7:50 PM

    Wow! Crazy eh...

    I remember not being at home for a while and heading down to Whites to find that ALL of the sand had gone! It was so trippy (in the Thomas Campbell sense) paddling out over the rocks there... Bizzare!

  2. Oooh!

    I didn't even think of checking around there - I wonder how it fared?

    Yeah - that would be really Thomas Campbell trippy (hee hee)! We're so spoilt with all that soft white sand we're so used to.

  3. I am listening you know...

  4. gee. that was some storm.


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