The Gold Coast is frothing!

My friend Robbie lives and surfs on the Goldie. But not yesterday...

Snapper Froth

Yesterday he put on a raincoat and went down to the beach to check out the froth-fest that has been whipped up in the swell, wind, rain and craziness of the incredible storms that are pounding Northern NSW and South East QLD.

(Please note: the word work isn't mine - I've used Robbie's own captions!)

Milk and Frog

Incoming froth

Currumbin Surf Club - frothing

Q1 and froth

Nice park!

Drink driving kills!


  1. I like the pictures on the beach with the foam, as happens in Venezuela but not much and the car, jijijijijiji ...

    Healthy breakfast cereals and orange juice!

  2. Yep Ivan - I went the healthy road.

    If two coffees is considered healthy these days..?


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