All gone.

The ebb and flow of life is always most apparent when you're really happy. But then again, maybe it's also at these times when the blows are better cushioned...

I just spent a really nice few days at home with friends and family chatting, hanging and having fun. So great. I also went for a little wave with my friend Erin and it was chilled and mellow and "just nice to be out". You know the story!

So now I'm back in Sydney and this morning I got up to go to the northern beaches to meet a friend and go for a surf/grovel. I got my shit together, walked down stairs and opened the garage to find, well, nothing actually.

Which was weird, because that nothing is the space where my boards used to be! Hmmm.

So I closed the garage door and looked at it - it was the right one - and then I thought I might have left them somewhere else, like I seem to do with umbrellas, but I quickly remembered that they are longboards not umbrellas, so I opened the garage door again to check that the space was still empty and that I hadn't got it wrong... It was, I hadn't.

And then it all dawned on me - my boards have been stolen. STOLEN! By thieves! THIEVES!


So I closed the garage door again, picked up my bag and walked down the road to get a coffee and read the paper, continuing on with my day because I was by myself and who am I supposed to tell and so there was really nothing else to be done about the situation. Well there wasn't! They're gone. The end.

It seriously sucks though.

So now I imagine that you're expecting, based on my past reactions to things, an angry rant. But I'm not angry. No really, I'm not! I'm just totally bummed.



And it's not even the boards themselves - I mean, I love(d) my boards but, well, whatever, they're just things. Beautiful things to be sure, but things nonetheless - it's the possibilities that they offer. It's the things they let me do.

So bummed.

So boardless.


  1. Fuck man! That SUCKS!

  2. Yeah.

    The SUCKS! factor is pretty high.


  3. I was so sick when I read about your boards ... I must have been You know what would fix your woes? A trip to Hawaii!

  4. Oh my gosh, Bec. That is awful! Damnit! Geez. I think what I'll do is think really positive thoughts that a beautiful new board will magically appear in your life.

  5. oh man, oh, man.

  6. Thank you so much for your condolences!

    Especially you Jamie - knowing that your always inspiring positive thoughts are directed my way is almost too lovely to bear! What a gift!

    And the idea of a trip to Hawaii is truly more than tempting Ron, but unfortunately, not this week!

  7. It always amazes me when boards get ripped off, and it seems like sooo many do.

    It is just


    so sorry to hear that


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