What on earth is going on here, Dude?

OK, so before I get into the question section of the evening, please watch this clip...

Uh-huh! Ah, yeah. Ok. I see. Right! So, umm, well then....

Having endured that, please consider the following;

1. Umm, has anyone else heard of this movie?
2. Based on that clip, can anyone figure out what the "storyline" (and I use the word with deliberate loose-ness) might be?
3. Come on, really! IS there a storyline?
4. Are they actually serious?
5. Are you going to ever watch it?
6. And even more importantly, why, why, WHY am I, Miss Rebeccajane, so strangely drawn to go and see it?*

I think you will agree that these are all relevant and reasonable questions, each of which deserves answering.

I suppose I should acknowledge that there is one attempt at realism for which we must respect the casting agents - they used real-life stoners (Woody, Matthew and Willie) to portray stoners.

Still, all things considered, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!! How, in this day and age, did a movie like this actually get made?

*And no, no it's not the McConaughey washboard element - abdominal muscles that firm and defined terrify me.


  1. WTF is Willie doing in a surf movie. Hey, I know the storyline! Surfers are out there, courageous, irresponsible, get laid a lot and rule! PLEEEEASE. No I won't go and see it. Made for people who don't surf but want to get off on the fantasy. Written & produced by 'Dick in Hand'.

  2. I'll go and see it! I love docos.

  3. Finally they've seen fit to release the American sequel to the Bra Boys. I can't wait. It looks genius. Dude. Bro.


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