The Women and the Waves

Oh and I also found the site for this film, The Women and the Waves, by Heather Hudson and Peck Euwer, and which, let's be honest, looks right up my alley!!

And it doesn't look like it's full of the usual suspects - Belinda Baggs, Kassia Meador, Layne Beachley, Keala Kenelly - who are wonderful women and surfers, but how many times can I hear their ideas and their stories before I have them memorised? I really want to hear about women who surf outside of the professional world, but those stories remain hidden from view. I'm so sick of hearing friends (even my most intelligent and thoughtful friends) remind me over and over,

But surfing has been about men, you can't deny that. Men have made surfing culture what it is. Women just weren't involved til recently.

But they have been and and they are and (frangipanis aside) films like this one bring these stories out.


  1. Holy Crap lady!! this is you to a tea!!! The stills in the clip are really beautiful...when will we see this out here? reading your blog makes my day....i love the little snap shots into your life...i can get my little bec fix now and then..because stupid geography prevents us from having tea on a regular basis...keep it comin lady xx

  2. Awww! You are one sweet lady! Maybe we can have Skype cups of tea. Or come visit! Yeah! Visit!!

  3. beautiful. when i watch footage like this sometimes i don't know what am i doing so far away from the ocean? why am i not surfing every day? I WANT TO SURF EVERY DAY!! once its a part of your life you feel incomplete without it.


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