Morning light

I am a person who generally feels the heat, rather than the cold. What this means is that in the summer, I suffer. Dreadfully.

In February and March, when the summer heat seems to peak, I seek out shady spots, scuttling for the shadows and staying under cover as much as possible. I've had to accept that I can only really surf early in the morning and in the evening (which I prefer anyway!) when the sting is not yet in the sunlight and my eyes can cope with prolonged exposure to the bright and ruthless Australian light.

Lying for hours in the sun is not something that I can particularly enjoy. Most of the time.

The sunlight in the cooler months, however, is something that I can revel in. It's so lovely to be able to enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin during the day while I sit and read or chat or do nothing. I can stay and soak it up and let the winter warmth creep through my body warming me up from the outside in.

Each morning the light bursts through my bedroom window as it rises above the city, and I am covered in sunlight as I try and get up. It makes the transition from sleep to waking quite straightforwad, but it also makes for a lazy start as the warmth keeps me cosy under the sheets.

Every season has its benefits...


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