Picture window

The apartment I am staying in has a little covered balcony that looks out over the Sydney city skyline. It takes in all the buildings and also gives a prime view of my much loved Anzac Bridge. The view, to my eyes, is stunning and I love standing out there, leaning on the railing and watching the light change through the day, rain rolling across the skyscrapers and the neon-bright colours that light up the buildings at night. I also love watching the sunset reflected in the columns of glass, the sunlight blazing orange against the otherwise grey panorama. It seems so industrial, but also such a dazzling reminder that nature isn't contained somewhere else; it's here and now and urban too.

And then, on the other side of the apartment and through my little kitchen window, I can watch the spectrum of evening colours fade down over the suburbs - pink, blue, gold, orange - the whole event framed by the sink, the washing up liquid, drying thyme and other kitchen paraphernalia.

So much serenity!


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