What a betty!

My friend sent me this email a while ago, but I watch the clip more often than I should really admit....

Subject: how hot (and kind of unco) is betty page?

is it just me or does it seem like female performers/artists have to do a lot more these days to get noticed and get cred.

ahh for the days when this was all you had to do!

she's not even dancing in time with the music.


Cara: If you could do any job, what would it be?

Me: (without skipping a beat) Backup dancer! Or burlesque dancer!!

Cara: Oh my god! You'd be a great burlesque dancer!

Me: I know! And I'd love it! All those sequins! And the moves are so awesome.

Cara: Yeah. You should definitely do it! I'd come and watch. It might be weird if Gabe (her boyfriend and my good friend) came though.

ME: Haha! He'd be so freaked out. I'd wear tassels though.

Cara: Haha!

Mark: What are you two talking about?

Me: We were saying how great I'd be as a burlesque dancer.

Cara: Except, you'd have to tidy your hair a bit!

Mark: Are you joking?

Cara: NO! She'd be great!

Mark: So, you're saying that you'd be a great stripper?

Me: (silence, thinking, trying to find ways around being a stripper)

Mark: There'd be men leering at you. You hate that!

Me: (affronted) Well, it would be different. I'd be in a giant Martini glass filled with bubbles. Strippers don't do that! And I'd wear more feathers too.

Mark: (looks stern) Rebecca...

Me: Shut up Mark!


  1. Ohhhh she is fab! I think you would make a fabulous burlesque dancer! Amy and I could supply the shoes and Noe could do some splendid sequin/tassle ensembles.....watch out Dita Von Teese! x


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