Joni Sternbach

With all the websites out there on the internets, the options for exploration and discovery are almost limitless. Using a combination of google-searches and following the links posted on other sites, you can spend hours trawling the world wide web for all sorts of information, images, words, videos, ideas and arguments.

Well, at least, that's what I did last night.

I've not been much of a web-cruiser lately, preferring to stick the sites that for me, are tried and tested, but last night I was relaxed and bored and curious - the perfect combination of feelings to allow for an interesting web session.

So off I went, clicking my mouse with wild abandon...

Anyway, there was one site in particular that I found and thought I'd share with you - the beautiful and thoughtful website of photographer Joni Sternbach, whose pictures gave me lots to think about on a lazy Sunday night.



  1. I was supposed to pose for her. In fact, I made it out to the beach, met her and then went for a surf while I waited for my turn in front of the camera. Unfortunately, the chemicals died and she cut the shoot short. She said she'd be back down to shoot the rest of us. I think not. She's a busy lady. But I've met her and seen her in action. Her work is stunning.

  2. Yeah, they are beautiful images. It's a shame she missed capturing you - she could have done a pre and post-knee op series!!

    Hope you're healing well, Surfsister?

  3. there's this summer, I will be out with my camera
    stay in touch


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