Allan Grant

I was just looking about over at Osio in Blue (who has a really great blog by the way!) and I came across these photos that really made my otherwise dull and windy day.

The photographer is Allan Grant who was a Life magazine photographer (you can see some of his pictures here) who not only snapped celebs but also took some really thoughtful, interesting and quiet pictures of people doing their thing.

The first one totally rocks my boat,

Running or falling? Smiling or squinting? Happy or angry?
Hang on! Is that me in another life?!!

This is less like a party wave than an uninvited gate-crashing!

And I thought The Pass was bad! Quel horreur!


  1. In those days surfers tended to go straight down the wave rather than across so it was far more fun and friendly line up than we have to put up with nowadays where only one surfer can ride across the wave! Shame really!

  2. Thank, now you be in mi blog list, sorry by my inglish i live in canary islands
    Nice blog, see you..

  3. Yeah ramsnake, I know, and I'm all for wave-sharing too. But let's be honest here...

    ...straight-handers suck.

  4. And... hang on!

    Ooooh! Kisses!

    Thanks Ivan!


  5. Its funny, for whatever reason I just found his blog too and was similarly stunned by the good number of interesting pics.



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