The Broken Pipe

There is some new (or newly revealed?) graffiti at one of my favourite local breaks...

I asked around a bit and no-one seems to know much about it, let alone who might have done it. At least it makes a change from the usual focus on gripes about the presence of Sydney folk. The irony for me is that although this is a beach I almost literally grew up on (and still spend much time at now I'm in my adult stages), I now live part-time in Brisbane. So where does that leave me within this pathetic piece of localism? I guess it depends who wrote it and where I fit into their ideas of surfing...

Another funny bit of spray work (that is presumably from the same aerosol can) is this piece of hilarity residing beside the showers...

Its hard to read (damn sunlight!) but it says NO RETRO FISHES! Hmmm, are there other types of 'fishes' - perhaps 'modern fishes', 'cutting-edge fishes' or 'fish fishes' - which are perhaps more acceptable?


Get a grip people! Get a grip!


  1. Oliver1:07 PM

    I remember seeing that no retro fishes a couple of months ago...

    It made me laugh.

  2. perhaps they could add it to the "surf rules" signs posted around beaches these days

    "no snaking"
    "no dropping in"
    "wait your turn"
    "no retro fishes"
    "no short shorts"
    "no independent brands"
    "no independent thoughts"
    "no ingenuity"
    "no smiles"
    "no old school laybacks"
    "do as many snaps as possible per wave"

  3. Haha.

    Yep - except that "wait your turn" equals "you can go when I don't want to and you better not kook it!"

  4. I happen to think you're being a bit hasty here Rebecca Jane. The young graffiti artist was, in fact, a step ahead of you.

    You see he had to include the qualifier 'retro' in his statement. Without it the message is lost on surfers and would seemingly goes out to all the anglers.

    'No point casting the rod here, that sign says there's no fishes'

  5. All this talk gives me hungry.

  6. For fish and chips?


    Or something more retro like... Apricot Chicken?


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