The time that 1980 got it so so right!

Please, try and describe something to me that is better than the heady combination of Olivia Newton-John, ELO (that's Electric Light Orchestra to the uninitiated), rollerskating, gold shoes and jumpsuits.

"Xanadu! Your neon lights will shine for you, Xanadu!

Xanadu indeed!

Although she could probably stand to lose that fluffy-haired guy.

(Is it Friday yet?)


  1. Ah yes...what a combination-Olivia, big hair, rollerskates, gold lame and flashing neon lights, what more could you want really? A man in white tights on a tightrope i hear you say...check...

  2. Olivia Newton John was the only blonde famous lady I ever had a crush on. Except maybe Tea Leoni. But maybe Tea Leoni isn't a natural blonde.

  3. I KNOW. She's totally smoking, in that fresh-as-a-daisy kind of way!

    I'm actaully tempted to go back to bottle blonde myself now! But only if I can grow it and get those fringe-flicks out the side...


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