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Frustrated at my apparent inability to actually commit words to paper this morning, I went and looked for some inspiration at my some of my favourite blogs including one where I found this film poster (thanks!)...

Click the poster for a link to the trailer

Although perhaps a little cliche (water-colours, slow-motion shots, giggling), the surfing looks like its rad and this film looks pretty interesting. While seemingly full of the usual suspects, their blurb seems to point to exploring women who aren't professional or already well-known, which is exciting I think. Although they are amazing, I do get sick of seeing the same women surfers all the time, so it's good to see new surfers, styles and stories about women. Although there seem to be a growing number of examples coming out of the USA, these kinds of films are sadly lacking here in Australia!

I want to see it!

So now, instead of finding inspiration to write, I have simply found a reason to wish I was living in New York at the moment!


  1. I am only bummed that I may have to work all night and miss the screening entirely. We shall see.

  2. Stupid work-all-night.

    But if you do get to go, will you PLEASE review it for us?!!

    Thanks, Toddy.

  3. Sort of did a little review. Actually made it for a little bit.
    TO tell you the truth, the whole thing seemed to be a big deal. LOTS of people watching the film. A little stage set up, an art show in the gallery with sync projections of the film inside and out. Done up.
    As I was trying to navigate a short window of opportunity, seeing friends and such, I didn't actually concentrate on the film too much.
    That being said, it seemed like a standard sort of Thomas Campbell-esque narrated story piece. Not the sort of thing that makes me stop and perk up anymore obviously. But everytime I did pay attention the surfing looked fantastic as is to be expected.

    Sometimes films need to be sat through, ingested perhaps on the smaller screen, not a t a big party. For me anyhow. This film looked pretty standard honestly. Albeit standard in the highest quality sense.

    Sounds like my film review is more about the state of surf film making in general...

  4. A good little review - and the one on your website is even better.


    I think you're right. Those parties and events are a bit distracting from the film. It's hard to really know what's going on. Especially if there's beer as well...


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