Fuck you, Tony Abbott

GetUp! recently made this ad, which highlights what a dinosaur Tony Abbott is.

Oh yeah, the guy who said this stuff is currently running to become Australia's new leader. To become our Prime Minister. To represent us on a world stage. All of us. We vote in about 10 days. I won't be voting for Tony Abbott, or the Liberal Party.

The thing is that in Australia, we don't actually vote for our leader - not like Americans vote for their President. We vote for regional representatives and whichever party gets the most representatives (or holds the balance of power in conjunction with another party) gets to choose the leader.

Despite this, political campaigns in Australia are still run based on leaders. Parties seem to think that focusing on personalities (or lack of them) saves them from having to develop or discuss actual policies. But it leaves them open to heavy and specific attacks on their party leaders, which can damage their party's chance of winning anyway.

Anyway, this election campaign is making me depressed.


  1. I agree 100% Rebecca, this election is scary particularly with how much traction TA seems to be getting late in the piece.

    Why are we the public letting the major parties get away with a campaign that is not making any serious policy statements re the environment. I don't know who to vote for anymore.


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