'Last Hope' at Brisbane Powerhouse

If you live in Brisbane and you like the ocean, you might be interested in coming along to 'Last Hope' at the Powerhouse.

Last Hope is 16 short films made by Jon Frank, Albert Falzon, Andrew Kidman, Michele Lockwood, Patrick Trefz, Monty Webber and Richard Kenvin.

Set to the music of Sufjan Stevens, Holly Throsby, Dirty Three, Machine Translations, Bonnie Prince Billy, Smog, Explosions In The Sky, Vetiver, Mogwai and The Brown Birds From Windy Hill. For more info on these artists see www.spunk.com.au

16 short films, live music, and (if you're anything like me) the potential for pre-drinks while staring into the river. Lovely!

Maybe I'll see you there*!

Last Hope - Andrew Kidman from X-Treme Video on Vimeo.

*I'll be the one standing awkwardly on her own, grasping a large glass of red wine and staring into the river...


  1. Oh! I saw this a little while ago. I was with twiddle-dee and twiddle-dum. Twiddle-dee in particular felt like he'd already seen most of the imagery before and complained about paying money to see someone elses family videos. On the way home twiddle-dum did such a good job of winding up twiddle-dee over this point that he stormed out of the car and flipped us off! It was hilarious!

    I hadn't seen any of the footage that make up Last Hope before, and I loved it. Great stuff :-)

  2. Haha!

    Those two kids. Perfectly described, Ol.


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