Some chicks marry chicks. Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it.

When I go to weddings in Australia, there is one part I always dread. It is the moment when the celebrant says something like 'I am legally obligated to read the following words under Australian law. Marriage in Australia is the legal union of a man and woman in matrimony' or something along those lines. I wait for it every time, and every time it strikes me and makes me feel quite sad.

'...between a man and a woman...'

I feel sad because those words mean that so many of my friends who are in committed, long term, loving relationships (or even passionate, short term ones!) are not allowed to be recognised as married within the confines of Australian law, nor are they entitled to all the kinds of status, rights and meanings that marriage both bestows and entails. In other words, their relationships aren't really recognised by Government. Well you know what? Fuck that!

A dear, dear friend of mine sent me this clip made by 'FCKH8' in the USA (a country that has similarly discriminatory laws) and I found it both wonderful and hilarious. In the end it is a ridiculous issue that is being treated here with understandable frustration (and fun).

But be warned: if you are prone to delicacy when it comes to the F-bomb, treat this with one care... Straight Talk About Gay Marriage from on Vimeo.

To support them, you can go here to the FCKH8 website.

Some chicks marry chicks. Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it!


  1. that guy took off his shirt in a way i have never seen before!! he was pretty smug about it too! epic!!

  2. Ah, smug. Yep, I've been throwing that old one around a lot lately.

    Nicely used, Loom.


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