'Strangers' - call for submissions for Kurungabaa

Strangers to ourselves, a stranger from another land, stranger than fiction, strange days, strange fruit…

Strangers enter our imagination, testing us and our own boundaries, understandings and comfort zones. Strangers teach us, frighten us, reveal new possibilities, worlds and experiences. They are mysterious, unknown, dark, animal, foreign, familiar and everything we wish we could be.

In the sea we are always and never strangers – our inability to survive in water, our lack of fins, gills and scales leaves us gasping for air, dehydrated and vulnerable. But in this strangeness, new relationships can be revealed.

Kurungabaa: a journal of literature, history and ideas from the sea, is calling for submissions for an upcoming issue, themed, ‘strangers’. Fiction, prose, poems, essays, art, photographs are all welcome. For further information, contact details and submission guidelines go to the journal’s blog, http://kurungabaa.net/.


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