Bathing Beauties

Yesterday I got home to a package all the way from Cornwall! It was a print from Sue, who has the blog, Studio Window. Sue makes great art and prints, that reflect some of the rich beach and surfing culture in her gorgeous part of the world. Her work is really lovely and I've admired it for a while now.

My package contained a print from a wood engraving that she made (if you scroll back through her blog you can check out the process of her making it, as well as a clearer image of the print).

The next thing I would like is to get one of the bellyboards that she beautifies! Maybe when I'm over that way next...

Thanks you so very much, Sue. I'm stoked!


  1. Also, 3 is my favourite number!

  2. Glad you like it, Rebecca! :-)

    My latest 'celeb' bellyboard paintings are on the surf blog:
    Great fun!


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