Cedric Nunn

Oh! And I lifted this great photo by Cedric Nunn from the Otelo Burning Facebook page.

I love this photo. It's basically everything I like about surfing - being in the ocean, catching waves however I want, being with friends and having fun. It's the best surfing image I've seen in ages.

Cedric Nunn sounds like a pretty cool guy who is talented and has interesting ideas. You should definitely check out his website.
'I am committed through my photographs, to contributing to societal change that will leave a positive legacy for the children of Africa'.
Born in 1957 in Nongoma, KwaZulu, and raised in Hluhluwe, Mangete and Baynesfield. I began photography in Durban in the early eighties, my initial impetus being to document the realities of apartheid that I thought were being ignored by the mainstream media.


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