Bondi Jitterbug: George Caddy and his camera

Yesterday, in the rain, I went out into the city and saw a beautiful exhibition of photographs by George Caddy at the State Library of NSW.

The highlights of the collection include a series that show 'Beachobatics', which were an impressive show of health, fitness, strength, balance and beauty.

The picture below is my favourite from the whole exhibition. I imagine how it would feel to be that woman in mid-flight, completely trusting and relying upon the arms reaching out to catch her. She looks joyful.

Another aspect of the exhibition that got me rather excited (and clapping my hands) was the pictures of Jitterbugging. George Caddy was an enthusiastic and prize-winning Jitterbug dancer, which was a form of Swing. The exhibition even held three short reels of film that show Jitterbugging in all it's jittery glory! I wish I could tell you just how enthralled I was by these films, but looking at this picture below you might be able to get an idea why...

The clothes and the hair are fan-tas-tic!

The exhibition only has a few days left, so you should get there if you can...


  1. wow these are great, ill have to get there after work this week and see it, last time i was there was for the max dupain exhibition which was fantastic!

    take any photos of your cats feet lately? love it!

  2. Yes, yes! Definitely go!

    I have been inspired by it and I don't even take pictures!

    The bodies make incredible subjects - so strong and muscled and defined.

    And that bright light...


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