So, how about them Broncos..?

I am generally terrible at making small-talk. In fact, I really hate it but since I find myself in small-talk situations a lot lately, I've considered some topics to talk about when an interaction requires polite, but genuine conversation...

1. The heat. EVERYONE is onto this one at the moment. It's inoffensive and not-at-all political, which makes it a winner for any situation. It also allows you to segue into some other topics too. For example, I went to the fruit and veg shop this morning and raised the heat in terms of whether it affects their fruit and veg? It led to an engaged and personalised discussion of the owner's business and allowed him to assure me of the quality of his produce. Innovative, no? In another exchange, it enabled my conversational partner to bring up the fact he used to live in Dubai. Also, it gives people a chance to whinge, which we all love.

2. The tennis. Now, as someone who finds tennis unutterably boring (and this from a lady who loves cricket!), I have, until today, struggled with this one. However, after watching most of the final the other night I have something to offer. Also, I can talk about what a nimrod Jim Courier is, which is, again, a subject on which most people can agree. Example? During the final he actually said "The net giveth and it also taketh away." SHUT UP Jim!

3. The Credit Crunch. Unfortunately, this one is a topic which I prefer to shy away from. I happen to be a hard-working taxpayer's worst nightmare in my almost blissful disengagement from most things economic and my constant use of publicly funded services. Nonetheless, I can listen.

4. "Did you get away for Xmas and New Year?" I'm still taking advantage of our proximity to everyone's favourite end/beginning of year celebration. If they did get away, the you have a chat about it. If they didn't, then, once more, you have given space for a whinge.

Anyway, sometimes it's a good idea to have a few non-offensive conversation starters up your sleeve...


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Thanx Bec... I've needed some ammo lately so I'll utilise these... How about the pass lately? I love that one x

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    the nanotechnology of everyday life


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