31 days/31 ways

I've been checking out this blog this morning - 31 days/31 ways. Basically, every day for a month they get up and surf and film and then post it up for you to watch.

It's cute.

Currently, they're in Byron so their latest project is based there, but if you go back through the blog you can see stories from their home in St Augustine in Florida as well.

I like the idea of them surfing and filming in their own hometown a lot more because it's always an interesting project to explore the places you have grown up and spent so much time and have so many assumptions about. It means that you don't necessarily go over obvious locations or aspects of the town or place and that you can really plumb the depths, since you will be pretty well-versed in the surface. Byron is so over-exposed that, as visitors, it might be a bit hard for them to get too deep in 31 days without first understanding the surface, but I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. Many, many times. I suppose the point isn't about the place so much as surfing in that place, and maybe that's where the difference is going to lie. Or maybe they can teach me something more about my place. About my home. Maybe?

Anyway, like I said, it's cute.


  1. (P.S. So I know this makes me a loser that I care and am a little bit stoked, but did you notice how I managed to use all three versions of they're/their/there in ONE sentence in this post?!!

    And I didn't even mean to!!)


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