First Love - the film.

This morning, quite unexpectedly, I happened across a link for this film, First Love, which looks like it will be released later this year. It also looks like it will be pretty cool.

First Love Teaser from First Love on Vimeo.

First Love is a feature length surf movie that takes an in depth look into the lives of three passionate young girls from Phillip Island en route to making a career out of surfing.The film documents the everyday lives of Nikki van Dijk, India Payne and Jess Laing, the trials and tribulations of training, competitions and injury. The camera follows them to Hawaii for their first crack at the heavy North Shore waves, where we gain and insight into the world and lifestyle of Hawaiian female surfers. It highlights the recent rise in standard of women's surfing and touches on the attitude surrounding female surfers at a grass roots level, in an inspiring (and not overbearing) way.

I'll look forward to seeing it at a venue near me!!


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