A rainy day at Crescent

I love surfing when it's overcast and raining. I love the way the water is green, rather than blue. I love that there are always fewer people out. I love the way the surface of the water looks when it squalls. I love that it doesn't matter if it rains because you're already wet anyway.

This rainy day clip is by Tom Woods, with surfing by Sage, Brett and Jack, and it makes me want to get the hell out of the city...

Rainy day at Crescent from Tom Woods on Vimeo.

I have a feeling I could find them up at Noosa this weekend if I went and had a look.


  1. Yes we love it when it is like that also which occurs quite often down here on the South Coast!

  2. oh my...crescent (sigh). i have been saying for weeks how much it's calling me...we used to have a little bush block here and this has made me very determined to get out my calendar. must go. soon.


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