Gender, surfing, and why I love blogs

Toddy's blog post from 2009 is still one of the best things I have ever read about gender and surfing. (You can read the entire post here at Endless Bummer NY)...

... The heart of the question is often whether the feminine aspect can be incorporated by the masculine and vice versa. To contend that the man, with generally more physical power, can learn to incorporate the feminine line while the woman, with architecturally less physical force at her disposal, cannot sufficiently incorporate masculine power, is so obtuse as to miss the point entirely. What line is being drawn? Is it consistent? Pleasurable? Exciting in its own context? Simply look at what each is doing on the wave regardless of gender, then because of it. See the differences in natural, personal inclination at critical moments and appreciate and criticize them as such. The waves of the ocean are inherently democratic. It feels awkward to treat it any other way.


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