Intersections, collisions, reflections

I have been taken by the similarities in the form and feeling of waves and clouds and mountains for many, many years now. It's no great insight that there are some intersections and reflections between them - nature's pretty clever that way. But these images by Alessandro Puccinelli really highlight how strong the intersections between the sea and sky can be. Spending today indoors in a library in Melbourne, I can't stop drifting Puccinelli's 'Intersections' portfolio and getting lost in them.

(I've seen these images in a few places now, but most recently on El verano sin fin, so that is who I will link them via)


  1. "Rows and bows of angel hair"

  2. "...and ice-cream castles in the air"

  3. those second and third from the bottom - yeooawwwsomme!! ta

  4. Thanks for link me!


  5. Aw. No worries Victor! Thanks for having such a great blog!


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