Lennox Head All Girls Surfriders

If you're a surfer on the north east coast of New South Wales, you might want to think about joining the Lennox Head, All Girls Surfriders ClubTheir sign on is this Sunday, 17th February.

The All Girls Surfriders Club aims to encourage female surfers of all ages and abilities in the sport of surfing. Club members range from 6 to 60 years of age, from beginners to advanced surfers, shortboard and longboard. The club meets for competition each month.
Other activities include a yearly campout, and various coaching clinics throughout the year. The ‘Winter Surf Slash’ prize round is held in July each year – club members who have surfed regularly throughout the year are eligible to compete for prizes.We also host the Ma Bendall Tag Team Interclub event- where we join with other female surf clubs for a weekend of competitive fun .
The club aims to promote friendship, good sportsmanship and mentoring for junior and inexperienced surfers while providing an opportunity for girls to gain experience in competition surfing- All Girls Surfriders prides itself on being supportive and enthusiastic, empowering women through surfing!
The All Girls Surfriders Club has been running since 1992 and is one of the largest women's boardriders in Australia, and I have always heard wonderful things about their positive and supportive vibe. Of course, while it's only women who compete, I'm sure guys are more than welcome along to support their friends and help out with administration and set-up.

If you don't live close enough to Lennox Head, there are all women's boardriders clubs across Australia. For more information, you can check out the this 'Clubs' link on the Surfing Australia site.

(Update: For Sydney surfers, the Bondi Girls Surf Riders has their sign-on Saturday March 2nd. You can check the BGSR Facebook page for more updates.)


  1. The post you have written is really wonderful and helpful for longboard lover, especially the Recent history was new for me.I am stay here , Good luck!

  2. I love longboarding, i liked downhill and dancing.
    I have a meet to longboard with my friends on this weekend.Have read this post and it's make me want today is sunday.Thanks for sharing. This is so inspiring!

  3. I'm a girl and love surfing. This club is doing a great job to make surfing popular among the girls.I really appreciate their effort.

  4. Yeah, going out with a longboard for making fun with the sea waves is always enjoyable to me. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post.


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