Ocean Light

This gorgeousness is from Head Like an Orange (via Colossal), which is nature gif central and my new favourite online place.


  1. Stephen Mann4:30 PM

    You make some valuable comments regarding surfing and sexism. I found growing up as a male that it was expected that girls were at the beach to look at. (I see women and life differently now) You are right. if men and women are to be equal there has to be a real equality and a genuine change in how women are portrayed to/in the world. I think the clips are important to make us aware. If you talk about something but don't show me i tend to loose the idea in the flood of words. I posted on Mick's vimeo. I'll have to see what he says in response. I would rather not have women portrayed as just a body or just as window dressing. When that happens the women are seen as less than human (just a body to fill in space on a video) they don't have to be treated as human and that is not a safe place to be.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Stephen, and for backing my use of the clip - the reasons you mention are exactly the reasons why I posted it.

    I'll go and see if Mick has responded to your comments. And thank you for speaking up!


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