The Wallace Grommets and the Shitbox Rally

If there is one thing in life that I am absolutely sure of, it's that cancer is a total arsehole. Like, it's totally fucked. If you have been reading this blog for a while, then you might have figured out that my mum died of cancer at the end of 2011, after an exhausting, terrible and heartbreaking two year illness. I am proud to say that my mum didn't go happily - she wasn't ready to die. Instead she was pissed off about it until the very end.

Lots of friends of mine have lost loved ones in a similar way, including the Wallace's, whose lovely dad, Stu, passed away from cancer not long after my mum. The Wallaces are core Wategos Beach crew, and you could be pretty certain to see one or all of them there early in the morning on any given day, carving it up on their longboards.

The boys still carve it up, but in memory of their dad and in response to what an arsehole cancer is, they're taking part in the Shitbox Rally, which is an event that raises funds to donate to the Cancer Council. The rules of the rally are simple, the most important one being that, as it is the Shitbox Rally, you must be in a car worth less that $1000. When you consider that the route this year is from Adelaide to Freemantle via Uluru (which, if you know anything about the Australian interior, is nuts!), the quality of the car is a pretty big deal in terms of reliability and comfort. Dan and Ben's team is called, The Wallace Grommets, and as part of their participation, they're fundraising. You can donate via their team here.

I'm not really sure that I think there will ever be a 'cure' for cancer - I mean, you know - but in my experience  the Cancer Council does some amazing research and provides great support groups, services and programs to cancer patients, so for that alone they deserve our support.

Good luck, Wallace Grommets! I'm totally looking forward to hearing about your trip!


  1. Everyone should donate to the Cancer Council. I have been for a few years now and it is well worth it.


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