Jim Devevan - drawing lines in the sand

I was watching Thread at home last night while I made dinner (Spanakopita - YUM!)...

Well, actually, I was skipping through most of it to get to the section below. And yeah, I know you've probably seen this too, but watch it again. It's rad.

Jim Denevan's creations are a-ma-zing! I mean, I struggle to draw a circle freehand on a piece of paper - the two ends never quite seem to link up when I do it - but he makes such enormous scale works on sand!! Sigh. And the patience required to make such beautiful and such momentary art is admirable.


  1. beautiful, love the little rave the other dude gives him at the end. "thats actually his name, the set wave king". its so nice to see him do all that when he knows for sure its going to get washed away by the next tide. would we all make the art we do if we knew it would only exist for about 6 hours?


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