Surfing Sucks: Don't Try It


I just watched this short film called Surfing Sucks: Don't Try It over at I Just Surf (thanks!)...

Surfing Sucks: Don't Try It from Tyler Capehart on Vimeo.

Yeah, some of it is a little cliche, but mostly I think it's pretty cool. There's a lot of ideas in there too...

The environmental issues, and the resulting conflicts of interest between tourism and surfers seem to dovetail and are shown as being complex. Because surfing communities do have complex relationships to places. Especially when it comes to industry and employment and the environment.

And I thought it was interesting when the lady with the short, blonde hair (I didn't get her name - sorry!) explains how the opening of the surf shop introduced "true surfing culture" to Tybee Island. Is there such a thing? Is there "true" surfing culture? The commercial interests might say differently, but I don't reckon there is. My friends have loads of different ways that they surf - different boards, different styles, different heroes, different breaks, different goals, different fashion, different histories. Screw the idea of a 'true' version of surfing, because it would sure as hell exclude me from it's telling.

Anyway, good one Tyler Capehart!


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