When it comes to the state that loved Joh, you just can never be sure...

Dear Electorate of Beaudesert,

Don't you bloody well dare!

Warmest regards,


But you really have to wonder why Pauline Hanson keeps putting herself up for these horrendous media situations, don't you. Why on earth would anyone want to go through such an experience over and over and over?

It makes me a bit sad. It makes me a bit angry. It makes me very confused.

Do you think she honestly does it because she really believes in all that stuff she says? Do you? I'm not sure. I'm just not quite sure why she continues to step into the media spotlight when it continually goes so wrong for her. Maybe she's a totally self-absorbed, bombastic, narcissistic, naive, resilient but rather pathetic woman who can only value herself by the number of newspaper columns she is mentioned in?


I get so confused, I really, really do. If only she'd left it all on a high with her stint on Dancing With The Stars...


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