Why me? Didn't the Little Mermaid already cover this ground?

Every time I get in the water lately, sea life appears - schools of fish dawdle beneath me, pods (pods!) of dolphins languish about in my general vicinity, sea birds plunge into the water beside me and large, seaweedy turtles pop up next to my knees to say hello.

I'm beginning to feel like some kind of unintended oceanic Snow White, drawing the animals to me with a flutter of my salty eyelashes and a wriggle of my sunburned toes. Without actually meaning to! (And with mousy brown hair and wearing shorts and with a lower, more gravelly singing voice and carrying much less of the innocent sweetness vibe about her.)

Yeah, I know, that's cool right? And it is. But to be honest, I really wish they wouldn't be so persistent in their presence. I would usually rather that they leave me alone because it makes me nervous when (as with this morning when I surfed by myself out at Suffolk) an impressively sized school of fish congregates beneath me and then begins flashing and splashing about and drawing attention to themselves and to me. Show offs. It just made me look for bigger, darker shapes...
They even nibbled at my toes, which creeped me out no end.


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